We are agile by nature

Our odd habit is to adapt us to the change. Our spirit of equipment and the complicity with the client does all the others.

Design thinking. They read UX. Scrum. Kanban. Programming carries far€¦ They are some of the materials that take part in our technique.
Used preparations and give rise to products well,
solutions and services with high standards of quality.

Our main assets are to count on an equipment preparation and it jeopardize.

We have not stopped growing. At the moment we counted on a multidisciplinary equipment, with oriented profiles to development of software, experience of user (UX), product design, management, artificial intelligence, business intelligence, quality of software, methodologies of work and systems integration.
  • Commitment with the client Our equipment of empatiza development of business from the first moment with our clients and looks for the best solution their needs. They are put in its skin.
  • Experience of user Our equipment of product design turns the idea of business or the necessity into a solution €œviable€ and oriented to obtain the total satisfaction of the users. They are put in the skin of the user.
  • Development and continuous deliveries Our equipment of model-making, development and quality of software iteratively constructs to the product or agreed solution to the product directives. The quality of the code is its main preoccupation.
  • Launching Our equipment of DevOps and Producto is in charge of the launching from the product to market. The tranquillity of the client is its main preoccupation.
€œTo be agile for us it is an attitude, not a fashion. An attitude that is impregnated in all the service life of a product, solution or service. From the management of the opportunity to its launching and its evolution. We are an agile organization and with talent that lies down the hand to our clients to secure to the success and mutual benefit.€
  • - 1 small team of experts
  • - Great doses of empathy
  • - Sprayers of effective communication
  • - Scrum or Kanban (brush to choose)
  • - Design Thinking to discretion
  • - Brochazos de Lean UX
  • - Programming carries far in torrents
  • - Liters of quality of software
  • - Brush-strokes of agile architecture
  • - Labellers of standards and conventions
  • - Great automated outlines of test
  • - 1 linen cloth of continuous delivery
We investigate the sufficient thing to be able to begin. The perception of the client, commercial or operative intentions and technical implementation is the pillars. So, we left (virtually) the room to try supposed and to eliminate our ignorance. The empathy guides us in this phase.
We use the inspiration and the creativity. Techniques as the StoryTelling or the agile prototype allows us to validate hypothesis with the end users. It is an optional step.
During this stage we put all the together pieces of the puzzle that the equipment needs to begin to define the product. Our project needs an initial specification and is in this step when it happens.
Once finalized the Sprint#0, we began to develop. Guidances by Scrum or Kanban following the type of project and with pillars as BDD or Agile Testing, we began to make the product or solution on the basis of blocks short of work and delimited by the VIABLE MINIMUM PRODUCT concept.
Finally we have left the launching of the product or the solution and therefore the delivery of the version. We already only have left to evolve according to the real needs of the client and their users.