Policy of privacy

In EconceptSoftware.com, in future €˜this website€™, we respected his personal information and in view of fulfilling the respective policies of security concerning all website, that would have to be obligatory, I inform to you the following thing.

Privacy of the personal data:

Their personal data only correspond to him to you and this website is responsible for not revealing no class of information that belongs to him (as email, numbers of IP, etc.), except for its express authorization or forces of greater nature of legal type than involve it, as hackeos or impersonations.

Responsibility of the spilled opinions:

The publications as a articles (also called posts) are responsibility of the author of the blog. The commentaries, spilled by the visitors, are responsibility of they themselves and in case some violates the minimum rules of respect to the others and to moral convention, these would be erased by the publisher of the blog, without waiting for their consent.

Security of its personal information:

This website becomes person in charge of guarding by its security, the privacy of its information and the respect to its data, in agreement with the limitations that the present Internet provides to us, being conscious that we are not you exclude yourselves to undergo some attack on the part of crackers or hostile users who exert the computer science delinquency.

Obtaining of its information:

All briefed personal data in this site are provided by same you, making whole use of their freedom. The information stored here only understands entered initial datas by means of contact forms, commentaries or other similars.

Use of the information:

When providing to us their personal data, being in agreement with the Policy of Privacy briefed here, authorize us for the following use of their information: a) for the same aim thus has been provided; b) to consider it within our statistics of traffic, thus increasing our advertising supply and of market; c) to orient better the services offered here and to value them to its criterion, and d) to send e-mails with our bulletins, to respond to restlessness or commentaries, and to maintain informed our users.

Use of the cookies:

The use of cookies and its direction IP, taken by this site, are only realised in order to maintain a site to them according to its local preferences (such as navigator used Web, operating system, ISP, etc.). The €œcookies€ allow to give to a content fit to the interests and needs of our users/visitors. Also cookies of Third parties that are present in this Weblog, as advertisers or publicity of the same, with the only aim could be used to provide additional or reelevantes information to Navigation with the User in this Website.

Modifications to our Policies of Privacy:

The website reserves the right at any time to modify, to rectify, to alter, to add or to eliminate any point of the present writing and without previous warning, being its responsibility staying informed into the same for a suitable administration of its information.

Statistics and other compatible sites to EconceptSoftware.com

For the correct operation of this site, they become use of diverse cookies, as much of the site as of our suppliers (as it were exposed in the previous point), stored in his equipment or by means of the use of some script.

The used cookies are only stored in their equipment with statistical aims, being omitted the data that could be in compilation of important character.

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