Agility, dedication and enthusiasm

Enthusiastic by the design, the usability and the technology, we made software products of agile form and with quality assurance

We work with the sharpshooting technologies


We understand the quality as unnegotiable requirement

We were born in 2011 with the eagerness to use dedicated server technologies of last generation to help in the competitive improvement of our clients.

We have developed a method of innovating work for the elaboration of products, solutions and services based on:

  • Hard direction to the client.

  • Technological vanguard and I+D+I.

  • Quality assurance.

  • Terms and costs adapted to the change (short blocks of development).

Some of
Our clients


€œWe helped in all the phases of the product, from its definition to its launching€

We want to be your technological partner and to serve as strongpoint in those products that want to focus in taking the new opportunities, to allow you to maximize results and of avoiding that the effort to update itself constantly makes you lose perspective.


It enchants to us to materialize ideas, we will guide you in the process of planning, design and later development.


of software products. We construct software of agile form using the technologies and methodologies more outposts. The innovation is our specialty.


After the development, we can offer a complete package to you of services of implantation, migration, maintenance and technical support

Our products

During the development of the product, to you they will be appeared entregables totally functional planned with you, who will allow you to verify the fulfillment of requirements and to even test with your clients to introduce improvements in next deliveries.


One is a platform that allows to demand way debts online, also counts on a file of consultations where all the non-payments are registered.


It is a platform of invoicing and management online for SMEs, to which it helps in his daily tasks of management, and for consultant's offices, since it counts on a trusteeship system to facilitate the benefit of services to his clients.

Ruiz group

One is a series of Web Hosting, for the different departments from the Ruiz Group, all of them realised with our Molecular manager of contents called based on Ruby on Rails.